Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Earrings

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Sterling Silver Earrings - Tree of Life
The Celtic Tree of Life is the symbol of balance between Earth and Heaven; The unification of above and below; a symbol of Balance and Harmony.
The Tree of Life is a very ancient spiritual symbol and apart from the Celtic, and Norse races - many other cultures, including Egyptian, Baha’i, Assyrian, and the Chinese have legends of a magical tree that stands at the centre of the world.
Its fruit offers immortality - its roots reach deep into the underworld, the trunk resides on the earthly plane, while the branches soar into the heavens high above -representing birth, death, and rebirth.
The Celtic Tree of Life, Crann Bethadh, in Gaelic, was seen as a doorway leading to other worlds. The Oak was considered the most sacred and our word door comes from its Celtic name, daur, the word Druid is created from Celtic words for oak and wise. The curiously woven and interlaced “Celtic knots” represent sacred trees and plants.
The Norse tradition features Yggdrasil pronounced, ‘ɪ ɡ d r ə s ɪ l,’ is their symbol for the Tree of Life and the nine worlds of existence. Curiously, the name is generally translated to mean Ygg’s horse, or the Norse god Odin’s horse, and it is an Ash Tree.

Size: 1.2 round